How do I whitelist an email address from spam filtering?

If you have arrived at this article you are likely not receiving an email from a particular address or domain.  

This can be due to the sending party being on a blacklist which we subscribe to.  

Within DirectAdmin control panel you can add a whitelist entry by:

  • Logging into DirectAdmin
  • Finding the Spamassasin Setup tile in the Email Manager section
  • Once opened for your domain you'll find the Whitelist near the bottom of the page.
  • Say you want to Whitelist Netflix emails "" to ensure they always come through :)
    You might populate the whitelist by entering into the address box like example below.  And Click Add

  • Want to allow email for an entire domain? No Problem you can populate the box like and click Add.
    This will allow any address to bypass filtering. 
    e.g and

  • Finished adding entries click on save.
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